Don’t Let the Heat Beat You!

Don’t Let the Heat Beat You!

Summer Energy Savings Ideas

As the summer season begins, outdoor temperatures are likely not the only thing that’s rising around your house.

Many of us are losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year without even really noticing it. The culprit: ENERGY COSTS!

Now I’m sure many of you have ventured (unsuccessfully) down this road before and I get it – it can quickly get annoying trying to remember to turn off the lights every time you exit a room and cranking up that thermostat even one or two degrees higher on a hot summer day can feel excruciating. But that’s ok!

Just as we wouldn’t eat an entire cake in a single sitting, the little bites we chew over time add up! Integrating even just one or two of our energy savings tips into your daily routine will quickly begin to make a noticeable impact on your energy costs.

So, this summer, we here at Pierce Financial Strategies, LLC challenge you to try and beat the heat! Why not invest a little of your personal energy into cutting some of those unnecessary home energy costs? Download our Summer Energy Savings Checklist and get started today!


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