Back to School

As planners by profession, it only makes sense that we put a lot of thought into planning in other areas of our lives. This time of year, the big opportunity is back-to-school shopping. Here we will lay out a unique strategy for tackling these pesky costs.

Step 1. Supply Sweep/Supply Swap

Don’t Let the Heat Beat You!

Summer Energy Savings Ideas

As the summer season begins, outdoor temperatures are likely not the only thing that’s rising around your house.

Many of us are losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year without even really noticing it. The culprit: ENERGY COSTS!

You Won’t Want to Think About This (But You Should)

Estate Planning.  For a lot of people, especially young couples in their 30’s, nothing feels less important or more remote than the need for estate planning.  It’s so easy to put off, especially when it addresses a topic that few of us want to contemplate.  Who wants to think about their own death anyway?  

Need to See a Financial Planner? What’s Holding You Back?

Let’s face it, contacting a financial planner to ask for that free, initial consultation is a big hurdle for many (most?) people.  The majority do not do it until they find themselves in a state of high anxiety or constant worry over a significant financial issue.  Why is that? 

Ever Heard of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP)?

Haven’t heard of the ACP?  Well it might be because it’s a brand new name for what was formerly known as the Alliance of Cambridge Advisors (ACA), a Fee Only organization that was created in 1995 by Bert Whitehead.  But more likely you haven’t heard of either name.  After all, this alliance is a well-kept secret.  And that’s too bad.  Because it&

What's Your Investment Strategy?

Whether they’re saving for retirement, their children’s college education, a new home or even a car, most people fall into one of two camps when it comes to having an investment strategy.  Either they:

"Fee-Only" Versus "Fee-Based": What's the Difference?

Each night before my daughter goes to bed she gets to choose two books for either me or her mom to read to her.  Lately she’s been choosing the classic “Madeline” by Ludwig Bemelmans – a lot! 

How Much Should I Save for Retirement?

"How much should I save for retirement?"  That's a question I get asked a lot.  So here are a few of my thoughts on the matter. 

You should think in terms of saving a percentage of your gross income for retirement rather than a specific dollar amount.  Doing so will cause a few positive things to happen.  

The #1 College Education Planning Mistake

I was recently asked, "What is the #1 college planning mistake made by parents today?"  Of course, there is no single "right" answer to this question.  Every family is different.

Why We Do What We Do and Why It Matters

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